Need a rental home?

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Tired of submitting applications, paying fees and still not getting a home? 

Let us help you find your next home rental using our "Rent Seeki" package.

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That's right, we said "Rent Seeki."


  • Rent Seeki is a program that helps you put together a "renter profile application package."
  • This renter profile package can be used to present to landlords, real estate agents, property managers, or anybody that has a home you would like to rent. 

What does the Rent Seeki package include?

  • Application Of Occupancy
  • Credit score & history check
  • Background check
  • Personal introduction letter
  • Proof of employment - bank statements
  • Copy of drivers license

We package this up and then use this package when you are ready to apply for the home.

Here's how it works.

  • Simply tell us what you are looking for and we send you all the rentals that match your search. We continue to send you properties to look at until you find a few that catch your attention. 
  • Once you find a few homes, fill out the form we provide with the home address and MLS number. We then will reach out to the property manager on your behalf. We find out more details and find out if there are any applications already on the property.
  • If the property has no applications, we then reach out to you and you decide if you would like us to continue the application process with the property. 
  • Once the application has been reviewed and approved, we then set up a time to tour the property for your final approval. ***Not touring the property until after the initial application review will save you time and money. 
  • Once you say "yes" to the home, the property manager will finalize the lease, collect any fees, security deposits, first month's rent, etc.. and deliver the keys to your new home!
  • Once you are in your new home, we then begin the discussion of purchasing a home in the future. We can help with the entire home buying process.

Follow these steps to create your Rent Seeki package and find your next rental

*** You can click on each step to take you to the specific task to be completed

Your part: Steps 1-5   Our Part: Steps 6-9

  1. Step 1 -Complete an Application Of Occupancy 
  2. Step 2 -Request and submit a credit report
  3. Step 3 -Request a background check
  4. Step 4 -Review online homes
  5. Step 5 -Contact us with a list of homes you are interested in.
  6. Step 6 -We speak to all the property managers on your behalf
  7. Step 7 -Submit the Rent Seeki package to the property manager(s)
  8. Step 8 -Tour property
  9. Step 9 -Sign lease

You are all done. Now its time to receive keys to your NEW HOME!!! 

Ready to sign your last lease and become a homeowner. Click here to find out how we can help.

Step One :

Complete an Arizona Application of Occupancy

  • Complete an Arizona Application of Occupancy. This application will collect the information that most landlords, property managers, and real estate agents will be looking for when applying for a property. Unlike a lot of other agencies, we DO NOT charge you to complete this application.
  • Once you fill out the application, make sure to email any attachments required to [email protected]  CLICK HERE to fill out an application.  Once you fill out the application, make sure to come back here to complete the following steps. 

Step Two :

Request a free credit report online

  • Request a free credit report online and share the report with us. There are plenty of online credit report companies that offer a free credit report. Don't worry, according to and other online resources, checking your own credit will NOT lower your score. Many of our clients use one of the following secure websites to run their credit report (, &
  • This is important. Once you have the report, you can upload the report by clicking here.

Step Three :

Request a background check

  • Almost all landlords, real estate listing agents, and property managers want to know your background. They want to know if you have had items in your past such as evictions, collections, and criminal history. Having these items on your report is not an automatic denial, however, it is helpful information they want to know when making a decision. 
  • To run these reports, the landlords and property managers will typically charge a fee to run this background report. After you pay, often you are not given the report. We feel that this is your background report and you should have it in your possession. 
  • We do not charge you, but we do ask that you run your own background report. We use a very well-known company to run the background checks. The name of the company that completes the background check is RentSpree. (You can read more about this company by clicking here.)
  • The company will charge you $30. This background check will be yours to keep. We will use this background check to help complete the renter profile that we will submit to property managers on your behalf. 
  • This step cannot be skipped. Most property managers will conduct their own background checks; however, we have found that many property managers will use this background check and not charge you again to re-run the report. This will help save money by eliminating costs associated with submitting multiple applications. 
  • The $30 charge is a one-time non-refundable charge. Remember, we do not charge you, but the charge made by the company is $30 per applicant. 
  • The background report includes a credit check, criminal background, and evictions report.

Step Four :

Review list of homes that we send you (or any homes on other sites you find)

  • Here is the exciting part! You get to review all the homes that are available on the market. Remember, the market changes quickly. Homes hit the market and can be taken off the market in just a day or so - - so we will need to be quick at reviewing the properties that you see online. 
  • After you fill out the application, request the credit check and the background check. It's time to find a home. If we haven't already spoken to you, we will reach out to discuss exactly what you are looking for in your next home. We will set you up on a search that only sends you properties that fit exactly what you specify in our conversation.
  • The goal here is to find 3-5 homes that catch your attention and that you can see yourself living in. 
  • Once you find the homes, let us know what homes catch your attention. You can do this in the following ways...(see step five) 

Step Five :

Create a list of homes that you like 

  • Review all the homes that are on the market (using the emailed list we send you or any other online resources).
  • Put together a list of homes and send them to us by using this form CLICK HERE

Step Six :

We speak to all the property managers on your behalf

  • This is where you get to put us to work. We begin reaching out to the property managers on your behalf. Our goal here is to find out all the properties that DON'T have a pending application and are still available. Once we have spoken to each property manager and identified which properties are still available, we will discuss with you which ones you want us to submit the RENT SEEKI package to. 

Step Seven :

We submit the Rent Seeki package to the property manager(s)

  • We submit the RENT SEEKI renter profile package to the property managers of the properties that are still available.
  • We make sure this step gets done within 24 hours of submitting your list to us. Time is of the essence and we don't want you to miss an opportunity. 

Step Eight :

After the Rent Seeki package is reviewed, tour the property

  • You have been pre-approved by the property manager!
  • Now it's time to go look at the property to make sure it's the one you want. 

Step Nine :

After you toured the property, give us your final approval and sign the lease agreement

  • You give the final "thumbs up."
  • You then begin the final lease agreement process. This is typically completed by the property manager or leasing agent. 
  • Remember, we don't have control over what they will still require from you. We do our best to create a package so complete that the property manager doesn't have to redo the steps. Sometimes they will ask for completion of their own application... sometimes they are good with the Rent Seeki package. 

Congratulations. Welcome home!!!

  • First off we want to start off by saying Congratulations and WELCOME HOME!! We are so thankful that you selected us to help you find your rental. 
  • We understand that a home can be a canvas and a backdrop in creating lifelong memories. We want to be a part of that! If there is anything we can do while you get settled into your new home, please let us know. 
  • If you had a good experience, we would love it if you tell your friends and family. We would love to help them too!

Sign your last lease. Becoming a homeowner. 

Now that you have signed a lease, let's start thinking about the next 12 months. Assuming you signed a 12-month lease, this year is going to fly by pretty fast. What will be your plans when your lease is up? We know you have a lot of options. We believe it's better to start having those conversations now. The better you plan now, the better you will be ready to go when it comes time to make that decision. Some of the conversations that we will have will be centered around the following:

  • Pre-Qualification: Meet with a mortgage broker and find out how much you can afford to pay for a home.
  • Homework from the lender: Items that need to be worked on before you can be qualified.
  • List of needs and wants: We will work with you to go over what you are looking for in your next home. 
  • The home buying process: Ok, so we know there is are alot of moving parts when buying a home. We will help you understand the process so it becomes less intimidating. 
  • Timelines and milestones: Yup, we will help you identify your timeline as to when you want to receive the keys to your very own home. The timeline starts by talking with us!

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